Current Research at IRSOO

Laura Boccardo

Laura is an optometrist and contact lens practitioner working on orthokeratology, particularly studying peripheral refraction and the influence of aberrations on visual quality. She is also involved in the validation of patient survey questionnaires.

Alessandro Farini

Alessandro, an optical physicist, conducts psychophysical experiments on the influence of lighting and different ophthalmic aids on visual performance and colour vision.

Silva Giannini

With a background in biochemistry, Silva is investigating the biochemical differences in the lacrimal film of healthy donors and patients with Dry Eye Syndrome or with different degrees of eye disconfort.

Giuseppe Migliori

Giuseppe is a professional optician with over 25 years’ experience. His research focuses on the comparison of different contrast sensitivity tests; on the study of eye reactions to different accommodation tests; on depth measurements of the anterior eye chamber and in general on the reliability and reproducibility of measurements.

Paolo Sostegni

Paolo is an experienced optometrist currently comparing different progressive ophthalmic lenses with an aberrometer, measuring the size of their distance and near vision areas and corridor lengths, in order to better understand their characteristics and match patients’ different needs.

Barbara Venturi

Barbara is a skilled optometrist and contact lens specialist particularly interested in tear film analysis and control.

Publications - Journal articles

Design of short Italian sentences to assess near vision performance
Calossi A, Boccardo L, Fossetti A, Radner W - Journal of Optometry, Vol. 7, Issue 4, Oct–Dec 2014, pp. 203-209

A test of multiple correlation temporal window characteristic of non-Markov processes
Arecchi FT, Farini A, Megna N - The European Physical Journal Plus (2016) 131:50

An Italian translation and validation of the Near Activity Visual Questionnaire (NAVQ)ABSTRACT
Zeri F, Beltramo I, Boccardo L, Palumbo P, Petitti V, Wolffsohn JS, Naroo SA - European Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol. 27, Issue 6, Nov-Dec 2017, pp. 627-800, e175-e195

Conference Posters

Hyperopic orthokeratology on myself
Boccardo L - BCLA - 35th Clinical Conference & Exhibition, Manchester (UK) - 26-29 May 2011

Comparing reading speed on different devices: computer monitor, book, e-tablet (*)
Marcì L, Farini A, Megna N, Baldanzi E, Fossetti A – ECVP - Toulouse (France) – 28 August- 1 September 2011

Assessing near vision function: The Italian version of the Radner Reading Chart
Fossetti A, Calossi A, Boccardo L - ECVP - Alghero (Italy) – 2-6 September 2012

Comparison between an open field autorefractor and an internal fixation target autorefractor
Fossetti A, Farini A, Migliori G, Calossi A - EAOO Conference – Malaga (Spain) - 18-21 April 2013

Repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement of ocular aberrations with a Shack-Hartmann aberrometer
Parenti L, Fossetti A, Calossi A - EAOO Conference – Malaga (Spain) - 18-21 April 2013

Evaluation of the anterior chamber angle closure: comparison of the Van Herick technique with Scheimpflug camera (*)
Imbesi S, Fossetti A - EAOO Conference – Malaga (Spain) - 18-21 April 2013

The effect of contact lens on tear osmolarity depends on the tear osmolarity itself
Fossetti A, Cozza F, Falleni C, Farini A, Siroki J - 7th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface - Taormina (Italy) – 18-21 September 2013

Relation between meibography of the two eyes, NIBUT and OSDI in young subjects
Fossetti A, Aru S, Falleni C, Farini A, Landi A, Ramacciotti A - 7th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface - Taormina (Italy) – 18-21 September 2013

Effect of simulated astigmatic refractive error on reading performance (*)
Fossetti A, Martella M - 2° OCCSEE Conference - Rovinj (Croatia) – 29 May-1 June 2014

Retrospective analysis on myopia control with overnight orthokeratology (*)
Fossetti A, Baumgartner B, Soragni P - 3° OCCSEE Conference - Split (Croatia) – 14-16 April 2016

Short-term effects on local corneal thickness during the use of soft contact lenses for irregular cornea
Fossetti A, Boccardo L, Rapini A - BCLA - 40th Clinical Conference & Exhibition – Liverpool – 9-11 June 2017

Presbyopia prescribing habits of eye care practitioners and patient satisfaction in Italy: which role for contact lenses?
Boccardo L, Tricarico M - BCLA - 40th Clinical Conference & Exhibition – Liverpool – 9-11 June 2017

Calculated oxygen transmissibility through various piggyback contact lens systems
Calossi A, Boccardo L - BCLA - 40th Clinical Conference & Exhibition – Liverpool – 9-11 June 2017

(*) In collaboration with the Physics Department of the University of Florence